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Sevira Kids 100% Cotton Swaddling – Multi-Purpose – Swaddling Sleeping Cats


Save: 29% off


Save: 29% off
Simple. practical and above all innovative. Product of innovation of the year - carries baby Gold. Elected by the parents at the baby exhibition in the UK.
Multi-use keeps baby asleep in any security. maintaining constant temperature new-born baby. perfect for use in pushchair pram & provide comfort while breastfeeding.
During pregnancy your baby will feel safe in the belly thanks to the vicinity of the body of the Mother. After the Birth. this baby sleeping bag - Sleeping Bag is a veritable soft cocoon which provides them the comfort and fills the need to feel confident and safe. Size: Approx. suitable from birth 3/4 months. 80x80 cm after serve as blanket or a play mat
At sevira Kids we pay close attention to the perfection of our products. which is why this collection is crafted from 100% cotton Oeko-Tex ® Certified fabrics and answer the CE and childcare. Made in Europe.
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Presented with swaddling sleeping bag multi-purpose/sleeping bag in popular and in demand for some time now Maternity.
Simple. practical and innovative. this sleeping bag has been elected Product of innovation of the year - Carries Baby Room or by the parents in the baby in the UK.
An essential product especially designed for maximum comfort and softness to your baby from birth.
Sleeping bag a true cocoon it is soft. from the first weeks of life Helps to ensure the baby asleep. warm and safe
Baby sleeping bag - perfect for use in pushchair. carry cot. pram
For the nursing - gives comfort for mother when breastfeeding
Output can be used as a play mat - or at home no need to make a play mat and more all you need to open the sleeping bag.
Blanket. when your baby went to sleep. the sleeping bag can also be used as a blanket.
Comfort and Care:
During pregnancy your baby feels safe and secure in his mummy thanks to the short distance from the tummy. After the birth. baby sleeping bag - Sleeping Bag to provide the comfort and fills the need to feel confident and safe.
All the material this sleeping bag are Oeko-Tex ® certified and meet the highest standards.
Compositions: 100% High Quality Cotton. Polyester Filling 300 g/m²
It is made of fabrics certified Oeko-Tex ® meets EC standards and childcare.
Size: Suitable from birth 3/4 months. 80 cm can be used as a blanket or a play mat
Washable at 40 °C.
Made in Europe.
Available in a range of colours.
A beautiful gift idea.
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